Heat Wave, Schmeat Wave

I went up to visit one of my friendly neighborhood volcanoes this weekend. What smacks of summertime absurdity more than a bunch of people hiking around on a snow drift in t-shirts and shorts?


  1. Margaret wrote:

    Beautiful pictures—but not sure if I am seeing Mt Shasta–is it upper right hand corner of photo?
    I really liked the chipmunk and the fact that he was tuned into picnics–a survival mechanism of our wildlife perservation areas. I want more pictures!

  2. Sabine wrote:

    Lovely… sigh. I miss mountains. The Gulf is lovely, but it is sooooo flat. The highest elevation is the landfill. :)

    Oh yeah, I thought you might get a kick out of this:


  3. Allen wrote:

    Great photos, really like the Lassen area.

    I think that little critter is a Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel.

  4. yami wrote:

    Why, so it is!

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