I'm in yr D double prime I eated ur perovskits I haven’t said much here about my newfound obsession with cat macros. I hope the cat macro haterz among you are appropriately grateful for that… otherwise, I might have to start continue photoshopping weird netspeak onto scientific figures.

And I was reading an article in Inkling the other day about how people who score highly on general intelligence tests also tend to suffer more from test anxiety. The idea is that those of us with excess spicy brains will devote all of our many neural connections to fostering bad feelings. This was never an issue for me as a kid, but I totally identified with the math-anxious author, because as an adult I’ve developed a related mental tic. Every so often, usually during a period of downtime in the middle of, e.g., finals, stress will hit in a concentrated ball of unter-panic and I spend 20 minutes or so unable to shut off my brain. I’m pretty good at breathing through it, but you know what? The absolute most effective way to stop an unterpanic attack in its tracks is to look at a good lolcat.

I don’t know why cat macros are so effective for me. Kitten pictures by themselves don’t cut it, and neither do other forms of humor. Maybe lolcats are just the quickest and least cerebral of all the jokes that actually make me laugh, maybe they work by tapping into the same circuits that produce xenophobia. Dunno. Regardless, I’ve been following I Can Has Cheezburger? with a slightly disturbing amount of relief each time I visit.


  1. Lab Lemming wrote:

    I’ve been trying to think of a clever, post-perovskite, post-modern comeback for days, but I think your geocultural wit has me stumped.

  2. Thermochronic wrote:

    I’m personally a big fan of Stuff On My Cat

  3. Sabine wrote:

    Thanks Yami, now I gots me a new addiction. I dunno wat u was talkin about, but I’m lookin at a cat wit bread on his head.

  4. Kerrick wrote:

    I’m now quite fond of the Walrus Bucket Saga. Probably due to my well-known alter ego, Gronk the Smallrus.

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