Friday Rock Blogging: Slag

Coal doesn’t burn completely. Here’s what’s left over.

slag-thinsection.jpg (Do I apologize for the weak blogging? No! No apologies! I am still trying to work “elusive”, “obsequious”, and “vapid” into a discussion of bedrock hydrogeology. “Propinquitous”, though, that’s taken care of. Also, I am contemplating cheesy steganography.)


  1. Ellery wrote:

    Aw, there are prettier pictures of slag than that!

    Pretty slag pics and more pretty slag pics

  2. Maria wrote:

    Oooh, those are pretty!

  3. Silver Fox wrote:

    I think that’s a pretty neat picture of the old smelting or furnace building -or whatever old building that is- and the huge hill of slag around it.

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