Pre-Pie Contest Pie Poll

Scienceblogs is planning a pie contest for Pi Day, March 14. I am waiting for clarification on just how many pies we will be allowed to enter, but I suspect it will be a finite number of pies, which means I need your help to decide which is most likely to win.

Which pie sounds most appealing?

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  1. Rew Tippin wrote:

    Why meringue? Why not find all the cluster berries you can and fill the pie with concentric circles of different cluster berries? The outside of the circle can be commonest, blackberries or raspberries, followed by wineberries and cloudberries and whatever else you may find. :)

  2. yami wrote:

    “Find berries” doesn’t work very well in March.

  3. Rod wrote:

    Please forgive the completely off-topic comment!

    WoGE#167 has been languishing for so long on Ron Schott’s site that the Google imagery has actually changed. I think it’s probably just escaped the attention of the geoblogosphere because the momentum was lost back in early spring, but it’s time to get things rolling again. Ron tried to give a big hint recently, but he did it through Twitter. I thought I’d take the more drastic measure of posting a hint on some previous WoGE winners’ sites: Windley and Allen, 1993.

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