Dehydrated Agnostic

Jul 23, 2001 16:17 from EarthQuaker
To know something is to hold it in the palm of your mind, to capture its
essence thoroughly and powerfully. To know that
God exists is to close off options for an all powerful God, including his final
prerogative not to be. The only respectful position a Christian can take,
then, is to acknowledge that God might not be, but to believe in him
nonetheless. Anything else appropriates more authority to one’s self than is
proper for a creation.
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I might have to try this one on the next Jehovah’s Witness who comes to my door. I actually take the inverse position – I acknowledge that there might be a god, but disbelieve it nonetheless. Which, of course, I arrived at by just asking myself “Why am I here?” and immediately answering “I don’t know.” Blammo, instant agnostic, just heat and serve.

Meanwhile, the smell of Formula 409 and EZ-Off is still leaking from my fingers. I’m on oven duty for the rest of the week, joy oh joy! At least my supervisor’s cute, and one of the other girls in my group… heh. Simple pleasures. Also, Kool-Aid. I passed by the Kool-Aid display in the grocery store after work, and couldn’t resist buying four packets. It’s so brightly colored! Shiny! And they’ve got super space rocket-berry flavors! Yeah!


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