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Today’s empty apartment finds: ice cube trays, pots and pans, and a letter from Timothy’s father expressing his disappointment in his son. Someone has apparently taken all of Daddy’s money and flunked out of school with it. We all had a good chuckle over that one.

Meanwhile, I think I may copy isomorphisms and start keeping track of all you participating minions in some kind of competitive way. I’ll need a script for it, though, since I’m a lazy bum. This will take time and momentum. I’m basically just drooling to myself right now, but it’ll happen by next year, I swear, probably.

I’ve been genuinely tired for the past three days of oven-scrubbing. Not exhausted, and not always sleepy, but tired. Tired enough that the half-hour between closing my eyes and falling asleep has become not only my favorite part of the day (it’s always been that) but my favorite fantasy object during the rest of the day. I’ve been having fantasies about fantasizing, imagining the heavy pull of my eyelids as I let my mind wander around *insert topic here* *probably kinky sex with cleaning equipment*. In fact, I’m having these fantasies now, in between sentences. I think that means I should go to bed. My posts will probably be longer and more unified once I’m settled in Denmark, as I’m working straight through until the day my plane leaves, and still have to pack.

I think I might have forgotten to mention that I’m going to Denmark next Thursday, for a semester abroad at the University of Copenhagen. I speak hardly a lick of Danish, but most classes are offered in English and I’ll have three weeks to learn how to order beer before school actually starts. So, yeah. I’m excited.

Good night.

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