waay overcaffinated

Right. I’m waay overcaffinated and have about 15 minutes before I have to go running around town signing up for classes (geodynamics, paleontology, and wavelet analysis… probably). So I’m going to say something stupid about beer, like I promised. Buying beer is probably the most obvious difference between here and home, since I can here and can’t there, and also one of the least interesting. I feel odd walking into a convenience store and buying a bottle of beer; I don’t really feel odd walking into a pub and buying a “lille fadøl”. That’s all there is to say. The real question is – are obvious cultural differences like this inherently boring, because of their obviousness? Or is it just me, and maybe my lack of insightful microbrew beer snobbery?

Also, check out this poor guy. Maybe I should learn some Portugese so I can work with him… I’d love to be coauthor on a paper by Dr. R. A. Fuck, and doesn’t everyone like proterozoic folded belts?

(The answer, of course, is yes: everyone likes proterozoic folded belts. It was a rhetorical question. If you disagree, there’s a nice geological reeducation camp in Greenland that you can go to.)

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