Salvaged Item #1

Salvaged Item #1: the old introduction to my rants’n’raves index.

word jazz
… was the name of a radio show I used to listen to on Sunday evenings, lying in the dark on my waterbed with the room full of a deep baritone talking about nothing in particular, sometimes with music underneath, sometimes not. When the station changed its schedule I never heard it again, and I’m not sure if it was cancelled or just moved to a time that was utterly incompatible with radio. Now I assauge these same urges with RealAudio versions of Joe Frank, but it’s just not the same.

I still miss word jazz, and now that I’m back to a computer with no speakers, and an environment that provides the kind of chilly, rainy evenings that go best as a backdrop to droning baritones, I miss it even more. Does anyone else remember this program?

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