hey hey I’m a monkee

I have the forty-second best “real person” personal website in the whole wide universe. You don’t have to take my word for it – this site has been “objectively reviewed by two of [this company’s] Review Team on the criteria of Personality, Content, Creativity and Functionality.” They’re going to profile me to their global customers and visitors, which sounds nefarious but I don’t think it actually means anything. Maybe it means I should start using more corporate buzzwords, but I’m so far out of touch with the business world that I’d probably sound just too quaint. Meanwhile, while I’m bragging, it’s always nice to find myself on the linklist of a previously unknown and damned entertaining blog. Referral logs are fun that way, plus I got search engine hits for “denmark naked elections”, “incommunicando” and “gabbro rock poems”.

Uhhggh. Tomorrow, or sometime soon anyway, I will tell the story of how I’ve been getting run out of the computer lab lately. It doesn’t have much of a punch line, but it’ll feel good to rant about. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that there’s a good (or bad, depending on your viewpoint) reason for this post being short and boring.

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