the cat came back

Today the unenthusiastic prof compared us to mangy cats. Then he started talking about some Garrison Keillor sketch involving a meat grinder, and what Caltech’s tremendously large and well-fed pack of lawyers would do about such a situation. But the mangy cat comparison is apt, I think. We’re all a bit ill-groomed around here, and true to form we’ll eat anything – though we’re certainly not scrawny. Indeed, it’s quite evident that the board plan involves free ice cream throughout the afternoon.

mmm, ice cream.

Homecoming culture shock is still an intermittent thwapping on the inside of my cheeks. Though I am shocked by how easy it is for me to slip back into old habits and social roles, I also go all gooey over the sight of Carlsberg and feel quite disgruntled when I remind myself that I can’t buy it without jumping through a simple but irritating hoop. Furthermore, I lost a layer or two of bitterness while in happy friendly Denmark, and so I’m still wounded by the sight of the 5 minute patriotic drivel-scroll on the local car dealership’s sign and other crap like that. Must replace cynicism immediately. Zog.

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