Core 1a

Hooray. Hooray. I’ve just gotten an email notifying me of the incredible opportunity to take another class, one which is worth exactly zero credit but which I must nevertheless take before I graduate. In summary, it’s this: write a paper about science, for a non-sciency audience. Hooray. Hooray. I’m so fortunate.

It’s not that I don’t like to write, or that I can’t take horrid schoolmarmish pleasure in revising my own work. And I’m used to giving up valuable fuckaround time for little reward. But when I look at the turgid prose common in journals, and then read a bunch of clear, cogent popular science articles, I start to wonder just what exactly the core curriculum committee was smoking when they decided we should aim for a non-technical audience.

I could rant about this forever. Alas, I must instead select a topic and write a paragraph about how I plan to make it look more interesting than organizing your uncle’s bottlecap collection. I’m trying really hard to be excited. Hooray.


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