Decisions, decisions…

On the one hand, we have Mother Church:

Monsignor Cordes, elaborating on the Pope s remarks, went further and said that the root of much modern illness lay in sinful or immoral behaviour.

“Jesus heals sickness and banishes sin,” he said. “He therefore teaches us that there is a link between sin and illness. This does not happen in every individual case, but it is a fundamental law. The history of salvation shows us that illness is a consequence of sin.”


On the other, Mother Nature:

“And oral sex has additional benefits, from a biological perspective,” [Dekker] said.

Professor Dekker surveyed 85 pregnant women, about half of whom had pre-eclampsia, in Amsterdam. He found that 82 per cent of those without the life-threatening condition had practiced fellatio, compared with only 44 per cent of those with the disorder.



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