Someone Found Me!

You were lost, but now you are found! Hallelujah!

Yes… but where was I?? I don’t appear to have been under the sofa cushions, or on top of the refrigerator, or even left out in the car (though my feet are kinda cold). Was I in the last place you looked, or did you keep on searching for more lost souls?

purple monkey dishwasher

Dear me, I had to do research to remember that this is a Simpsons reference. As a side note, they forgot to disconnect the cable service when my family moved in to our current house, and after 15 years of free monga-channel viewing my parents disconnected it themselves. Something about brain-sucking establishmentarianism. There’s no FOX affiliate broadcasting nearby; I’ll crack any minute.


  1. ester wrote:

    i had to follow your link to do same. wow. and i call myself a fan.
    *slinks off ashamed to remove laundry from washer*

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