oh fuck

[entry deleted for being far too raw and personal. summary, a friend of mine was found hanging from the ceiling. we weren’t very close, but it still sucks being the only one on this continent who knew him.]


  1. M wrote:

    Hey. Know the feeling. A boy I grew up with shot himself the other month, after I stopped talking to him a couple years ago. It was strange, I wasn’t sure whether to cry or not.

  2. some dude in idaho wrote:

    every one and every thing has a conciousnis and conciousnis never dies its always in the state of becomeing . so wether you belive in a heaven and hell or not ….we live and die and death not ends it -Jim Morrison

  3. Dakota Tekeyan wrote:

    slidding through the last seconds of existance, double down-shift, tires lock for a part of a second, ass end goes wide….catch the gravel on the side, car begins to slide, straight face full of fear as we near, car turns around, proceeds to slide, hit the montain, end of the ride (so I thought), car rolls over, top caves in (convertible), as we slipe, a new life begins…

    that will be the “oh fuck” move…

  4. jenna wrote:

    oh fuck indeed.

  5. Matt wrote:

    I had a friend whom we used to hang with, indulge in drug use and just plan having fun. After a while of this he developed drug induced metal problems and hung him self from his mum’s garage… Mum came home and found him. Not well. Drugs are fear !

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