Star What?

Saw one of the pirated versions of Attack of the Clones last night; good god was it ever awful. Maybe not Highlander III awful, maybe not even Phantom Menace awful, but certainly Planet of the Apes awful. Awful enough that going to see the special effects in a theater Friday night – for free – sounds like a waste of a perfectly good Friday night.

Actually, I kind of liked the poor video quality, despite the sound blips. It removed the heavy stench of CGI-for-CGI’s-sake and stripped the worst of the melodrama from the score. It also magnified the bad acting, but hey, life’s a tradeoff.


  1. Rasmus wrote:

    Blasphemy! Watching it on a small screen in poor quality. No wonder you were dissapointed.
    Blasphemy, I say.
    Blasphemy …

  2. yami wrote:

    Well, it was projected onto a wall – large screen in poor quality.
    Quality or no, watching Anakin hit on Senator “token strong female who never really does anything” Amidala, and succeed by calling her planet soft and smooth was painfully reminiscent of bad romance novels.

  3. Rasmus wrote:

    Okay, admittedly the lovescenes were a bit … bad. But that definately did not make it a bad film. You can’t expect everything to work in a film like this.

  4. Ralph wrote:

    Agreed, you should never set your expectations to high when Lucas is involved.

  5. yami wrote:

    Very true. But there’s no reason to lower my expectations when I could just see Y Tu Mama Tambien again instead.

  6. Tinka wrote:

    Oh but the love scenes are wonderful precisely because they do not work. We are not talking deep, introspective look at love here. We’re talking good guys vs bad guys, lightsabers, dialogue lifted directly from 1950s pulp magazines and impossible stunts in outer space. Yihaaar!

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