Productive Use of Time

I read in the bathroom (what else is a girl supposed to do, examine the stains on her towels?) and now that I’ve got a flat-topped toilet tank of my very own, I need some things to put on it. Currently, there’s an old San Diego tourist magazine – when you’ve read one description of a themed shopping district, you’ve read ’em all – and Margaret Mead’s Sex and Temperament, which is nice but the font is too small and the binding too fragile.

So tell me – what do you people read while you’re pooping?


  1. des wrote:

    Hah! I scoff at your fibre-deprived diet!
    I have a back-issue of Private Eye in the bathroom, but that’s because I ran out of bog roll once.

  2. Jo wrote:

    Why The Philosophers Magazine ( of course! The only disadvantage is that if you get too absorbed a queue can form!

  3. Still Life wrote:

    I’m afraid the reading material in my bathroom is not so high-class — frequently it’s the National Enquirer (or equivalent), People magazine (or Us, etc.) and/or one of several women’s mags (LHJ, Redbook, Women’s World) — sometimes, a Time or Newsweek will find its way into the stack.
    [Can you tell my wife is pretty much in charge of these selections?]
    I do try to draw the line at keeping TV Guide in the bathroom. Somehow, that just seems *wrong*…

  4. francis s. wrote:

    Our bathroom is too, er, elegant yet masculine, minimalist but also luxurious, for reading material. Which means one has to bring in one’s own reading material.
    The last few days, it’s been Swedish homework. Normally, it’s whatever book I’m reading (or trying to read) – most recently, “Ethiopian Story” by Heliodorus, which actually was kind of a bust so I abandoned it.

  5. francis s. wrote:

    p.s. how do I get the “spout” function to work now…? There’s no way to submit my wry anonymous reflections on your, er, potty mouth –

  6. yami wrote:

    Just hit enter while the cursor is still in the text field… it should submit the form.

  7. Zed wrote:

    I don’t keep anything in the bathroom. Steam from the shower could damage it! I make a careful selection among the several things I’m reading at any given time and the thousands of other selections at hand.
    This becomes one of my most embarrassing habits in light of the fact that this selection process often takes longer than the trip to the bathroom itself.

  8. Tinka wrote:

    Uhm. Interior design mags. I’ve gone through Shakespeare’s oeuvre. The Devil’s Dictionary. I had the bible there for some months, too. Alexander Pope. Penguin Dictionary of Humourous Quotations.

  9. Rasmus wrote:

    I bring my reading because my bathroom is too small, and leaving reading material may harm it (the reading material, not the bathroom).
    I recently read a book with excerpts from Hemingways letters (on writing) that way. These days I tend to bring web-stuff. Thus I spend the time brushing up on PHP, Javascript etc.

  10. francis s. wrote:

    Ooo, the bible! I like that, Tinka. Except, does it scare your guests?

  11. Kat wrote:

    I, too, don’t actually *keep* anything in the bathroom.. if I’m reading something, I’ll bring it in with me no matter what the expected duration of the visit (and sometimes I’ll stay in the bathroom longer than strictly necessary in order to finish a chapter). If I think I’m going to be in there a while I’ll just grab whatever’s handy, and since there are books scattered about just about every scatterworthy surface in my room there is always something handy.

  12. Anonymous wrote:

    sometimes when you really got to shit and dont have time to make a fine reading selection its neccessary to bear down and read the labelling info on any product at hand, usually two or three times for the fine details

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