Someone was Long Overdue

Having ignored the comment box for a while, it’s time to return and answer an old, but clearly urgent, query:

why is a mouse when it twirls?

The real answer has to do with neural whisker processing and the conservation of angular momentum, but you can think of it as a jelly donut. You know how the jelly in a jelly donut always squooshes out to the side right as you finally, finally penetrate the outer layer of dry choking flour? That’s why.

Meanwhile, someone else has a different sticky situation on their hands:

“Stranded, on toilet isle…”

You know, I’ve been eating rather a lot of sweet corn this week, and the thing about sweet corn is that it’s got a tremendously high fiber content. I swear, I never knew it was possible to poop this much.



i like sweet corn and crazy yellow and purple websites

And I like you, sweet cheeks. Now get the hell out of that smelly computer lab and I’ll give you some corn when I’m back, nudge nudge, wink wink.

Hot damn! A web comic about monkeys who seem to live just down the street from the house in which I was born. There go my plans for the evening’s appliqué.

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