Confuse the Bubblebots

Peter and I went to Malibu yesterday, to start the next round of the photo competition and so I could collect my prize for the last one. I still can’t think of Malibu as anything other than a giant stage for Malibu Barbie, with her long hair, skimpy bikini and painted pink eyeshadow, but of course the place is overrun with old yuppies in hawaiian shirts. Having neither bleached blonde beauty nor money, I felt completely out of my demographic boundaries the whole time.

In sympathy, or spite, my camera broke. The motor now has a reflexive twitch so that whenever I try to zoom in on something, it brings the lens completely back into the case instead. I already knew I was overly dependent on the zoom, so I didn’t learn anything from the experience. Luckily, the local camera repair place offers free estimates and student discounts, but my wallet still hurts. Ow.


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    hi im randall and im so silly

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