Don’t Ask Me

Possibly the strangest email I’ve ever received:

From: xxxxx

Could you tell me more about Radioactive Waste Experiments in the 1950’s or
1960’s around Greeley school (now known as anderson school) in Minneapolis,

Is this some kind of new spam fad, or did some poor soul confuse Ask Google with Google Answers? I’ve missed out on most of the other spam fads so far (well, okay, I’ve gotten one email from a desperate Nigerian, finally) so it might be nice to be avant garde for once.

Speaking of avant garde, here’s my latest fad thing, days behind everyone else’s. It was a bit of a crunch naming parents – I started blogging after reading an article in the New Yorker, where the torrid love triangle of megnut, kottke, and that girl on the bicycle was put in a flattering light. It wasn’t ’til a good week afterwards that I actually found another blog to read; I have never been much for megnut or kottke.

It’s too bad that girl on the bicycle doesn’t have her own blog.

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