The Bright Side of Global Warming

Global warming is opening new areas for oil and gas exploration.

…continued growth at current rates in infrastructure, gas, oil, and mineral extraction may, within 40-50 years, seriously impact wildlife populations and ecosystems across 50-80% of the Arctic. Migratory species, like birds, will carry the impacts with them far beyond the Arctic region.

The upcoming UNEP report points out, that while many of the larger oil companies may have strict environmental regulations, the secondary more uncontrolled bit-by-bit development of the road network associated with oil and gas exploration and development activity is the one that produces the greatest impacts on indigenous people and wildlife through more increased access, recreational cabins, resorts, roads, power lines, hydro power dams and wind mills for local electricity supply, non-indigenous settlement and traffic.

But fuck the birds. We’re going to need this oil to run our air conditioners.

[link via Industry Seismology and Stuff]


  1. Walter wrote:

    Yes! You understand!
    “Oil for air conditioners.”
    Such completeness. Seamless perfection.

  2. Steve wrote:

    foul fowl language
    not good

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