Incredible Finds

a glass container with pictures of smiling fruits and vegetables
Finally made that trip to Goodwill to drop off a bag of clothes (not enough to really earn that sudden feeling of lightness, but hey) and purchase necessary kitchen items. Our kitchen is done up in Classic Bachelor—splotchy linoleum, blandly finished cabinets, yellow tiles, dim lighting—and we have been slowly improving upon it with a layer of fine kitchenware. Ye Olde Pot With No Lid, Ye Olde Lid With No Pot, be-logoed mugs, commemorative wine glasses from other peoples’ weddings, that sort of thing. I’ve even got an avocado pit that I’m trying to sprout next to the microwave. But the fruits of this trip really put the kitsch back in kitchen: drunken eggplants on a popcorn jar! A bowl with cherries on the bottom! A demo tape (which is in the kitchen, at least for now) from a band called Wank!
It all reminds me of… er… actually, it reminds me of nothing so much as some of my previous thrift store experiences, which probably means I need to take a step back and start reading some glossy Modernist publications.

Also, my camera arrived in the mail, and all my penny-pinching regrets have instantly dissolved. I think I’m falling in love.

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