1. I grab the book, thwack the pages and shout “Make sense! Make sense!” – why doesn’t it make sense? Will it make sense tomorrow after lecture?
  2. How on earth do the pre-college science education people get the most well-stocked drinks fridge on campus, when the biologists are the ones with all the money?
  3. Where’s my nail clipper?


  1. Kat wrote:

    1. That depends on whether or not the lecture makes sense.
    2. I don’t know. Why does our physics department have the best student lounge on campus when they only have, oh, six physics majors? (Granted, these are 2001 figures.)
    3. Wherever you left it last.

  2. Zadlow wrote:

    check under the bed

  3. yami wrote:

    Nah, it was actually on the file cabinet in the living room.

  4. zadlow wrote:

    you keep your files in your living room?

  5. yami wrote:

    Nope, just a file cabinet. Housing won’t give us a proper end table.

  6. vladster wrote:

    took that course last year. The prof actually had a phd from mit, but he could barely say a word in english. the course was a horror. the final was a mass rape. good luck.

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