oh yeah, thanks

I had the nerd-trendiest Thanksgiving ever: drove to San Jose Wednesday night, ate non-stop turducken on Thursday and Friday, and went geocaching on Saturday. Geocaching was very close to perfectly wholesome, except I ripped a big hole in the butt of my pants and went around for several hours showing my underwear to the world.

Today I learned once more that California is a really big state that takes a long time to drive through. I am thankful for candy corn, organic carrot juice, duck fat, thimbles, felt-tip markers, the word “finagle”, nail clippers, and vanilla. I am not thankful for finals, George W. Bush, books about why women should be submissive in marriage, or quarters that have been too munged-up to fit in the washing machine slot.

The great and powerful Rasmus is now safely ensconced on my living room couch; watch his blog for hijinks and catty remarks about the filth in my kitchen.

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    […] Acquiring a kitchen with multiple ovens and a pit roast is the most compelling argument yet for a) working to become wealthy or b) going to chef school. But this is not about unfulfilled aspirations, it is about belatedly listing some trivial items that make me happy, as per tradition: […]


  1. Dennis wrote:

    went around for several hours showing my underwear to the world
    Relax. What you’ve just described is only every teenager in the world these days.

  2. yami wrote:

    Sure, but I wasn’t wearing brand name underwear! O, the agony!

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