19 down, 30 to go

I don’t know what I’d do with a semester system; as it is, my motivation always runs out about two weeks before the term ends. With two finals and one possible homework set left, I’m starting to really look forward to going home and having my wisdom teeth pulled. Vicodin, Harry Potter, no physics, and soup – what more could I ask for?

Meanwhile, I’d like to train the feminist ray gun on an anti-drug ad – it takes something special to piss me off when I’m eating pickled herring and drinking a good beer to celebrate the end of my complex-analysis-homework-doing career, and this had that special something. Two teenagers at a house party, one girl, one boy, both taking hits off a circulating pipe. Girl is obviously, gigglingly stoned, boy is less so; girl falls down on couch next to boy, who promptly puts his hand down her shirt. Cut to boy’s hand putting the pipe down on the table as girl mumbles “nrrgh” and text appears on screen reading Marijuana can impair your judgement. Harmless?

I mean, fuck. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure having sex with someone who is obviously too stoned to say anything more than “nrrgh” constitutes rape. If you interpret “nrrgh” as a clear refusal of consent (hey, it sounded like “no” to me), then it’s really, incontrovertibly rape by any loosely sane definition of the term. Being raped is not something you ask for when you smoke a joint. Lacking the strength to say more than “nrrgh” is not an error of judgement. I mean, fuck.

Sure, it’s a stupid move to get that stoned around people you can’t trust. But the girl’s moment of impaired judgement happened at the very beginning of the ad, while the text doesn’t appear until the end.
I guess it’s just the social conservatives consolidating their agenda – irrational fear of drugs and irrational fear of sex, all in one professionally produced package! Hurrah!

I mean, fuck.


  1. francis s. wrote:

    Glad I haven’t seen that one. I mean, fuck.
    O, the horror.

  2. yami wrote:

    And the agony.

  3. larry wrote:

    Touche’, social engineering with it’s subliminal mediocrity

  4. Simon wrote:

    Good one. Your post, obviously – not the ad.

  5. Anonymous wrote:

    lets all just pat each other on the ass why don;t we.

  6. Anonymous wrote:

    live is my jumby

  7. Steph wrote:

    I completely agree. It’s ridiculous the extent to which these people go to make their point. Borderline brainwashing if you ask me. Just re-enforcing that irrational fear in the small minds of people who buy into this sort of propaganda. If people are going to do drugs, they will do them anyway. It will only give more fuel to those who like to pester them about it. Also, needless to say, implying that it’s a girl’s own fault if she gets raped while she’s stoned is preposterous.

  8. Anonymous wrote:

    al gore is god,
    if he was really bloated
    and self-righteous
    and had a huge stick up his ass,
    nevertheless god, I say

  9. Anonymous wrote:


  10. Anonymous wrote:

    conservatives consolidating their agenda – irrational fear of drugs and irrational fear of sex, all in one professionally produced package!

  11. Anonymous wrote:


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