No Demons Without Monkeys

In the midst of an otherwise cogent analysis of Speed Racer cosmogeny:

There is never going to be a time when a mortal is going to say, “Your drugs, cash, and sex nearly convinced me. The pleasures of material existence almost justify turning away from the light of God—but I don’t have a monkey. So I’m going to go become a demon-rejecting priest.”

We insist that such times are upon us now! And as an unproven corollary, that all times are times in which monkeys (and the havingness thereof) are the driving force behind man’s moral decisions.

Also, the Speed Racer theme song reveals one more piece of information: the demon Speed Racer is only dangerous to the dead (he’s gainin on you / so you’d better look alive). This points us towards a more fluid and Dantean approach to Western demonology, rather than the strict Faustian ontology explored by Rebecca.

One must then ask: is Speed Racer a Malebranche? We think so; it would certainly explain the rotary saws installed on the Mach 5. But then, we also think we need a shower, so you can see how pointed and relevant our opinions are tonight.


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