Ha ha

So that silly little marriage poll? It failed, miserably, to reflect a particular noxious constituency, and the AFA is disgruntled.

Now, Smith says, his organization has had to abandon its goal of taking the poll to Capitol Hill.

“We made the decision early on not to do that,” Smith admitted, “because of how, as I say, the homosexual activists around the country have done their number on it.”

I was a bit surprised to find out that I’m a homosexual, and that gaming internet polls counts as activistm, but you learn something new every day. If you missed out on the AFA’s homosexual activist lifestyle boat, there’s regular departures from the one-stop awful shop. (We should reserve the words Traditional Values for more appropriate organizations, dontcha think?)


  1. william wrote:

    The one-stop awful shop has a poll on their site, too…

  2. yami wrote:

    And it looks like it’s being gamed a bit, too… muheehee (is there a good phonetic transcription of evil giggles?)

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