I’m a Cushion

I’m a cushion, and due to find lasting love and companionship with a floor lamp:

The PÖSIG cushion has a special affinity with the RISKA mirror, the ideal partner for those long journeys. But although you complement each other perfectly, you won’t find true love with a RISKA. There is rarely that magical element of tension between cushions and mirrors. The SKYAR floor lamp, however, has a special aura that tends to cause any cushion in the vicinity to fall head-over-heels in love, which is something PÖSIG cushions do easily anyway.

The Swedish version had me as a NORDEN dining table in a happy platonic relationship with a floor lamp, but of course I don’t speak Swedish so had to guess on a couple questions. In any case it seems I should buy more lamps.

(via the guestbladet)

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