Someone’s Been Waiting

Hiding in my inbox for a month, these have been. And glorious fragments of wisdom they are too:

i like dogs

Have I mentioned how the office dog is growing more and more neurotic? He’s not in most days anymore, but boy does he ever bark at shadows when he is.

i like cats too

Sadly, there are no office cats. I occasionally threaten to bring one in, and my coworkers all seem to agree that this would be irritating. So it’s too bad I don’t have a cat.

i LOVE monkeys

There we go! Pirate monkeys? Spaceship monkeys? MONKEYS!

ilike ducks

They have tasty eggs, but isn’t this litany getting to the point where every other submission should be E-I-E-I-O? It’s not, of course:

gabbro rocks

tie dye

THE LIFE monkeys

Sometimes you people just exhaust my creativity. It’s like coming face to face with a GRE prompt (about which, more later).

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