Non-Marketing Non-Future

Good consumers choose purchases based on the time-honored means of self-expression through brand identification. We need products that change brand automatically based on the buyer’s self-image.

I was thinking this might help me sort out my yogurt from everyone else’s yogurt in the company fridge, as most of my coworkers’ yogurt would be branded part of a healthy, active lifestyle – or possibly a populist appeal to overpowered yogurt automobiles, I’m not sure who eats all the yogurt in this office – while my own would be a sort of crayoned take on Repo Man-style generic branding. Then I thought, aw, geez, it’s really arrogant of me to pretend I’m the only person in the whole wide office fridge so unaffected by consumer culture. And anyway, yogurt is a crummy product to play this game with, it’d be better to try it with soda or shampoo or something.

Then I started thinking about work again, tweedledum doodleum.

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