Cause for Optimism

It’s always nice to read about how the left is getting its act together:

Those liberal organizations that already knew how to do politics the AFL-CIO, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) and a few others are doing it better than they have before. Those liberal groups that stayed aloof from elections or phumphered ineffectually are now playing the game like seasoned pros. […] And most amazingly, all the 527s ACT, the AFL-CIO, the LCV, the Sierra Club, the NAACP, Emily s List, MoveOn and 25 others are working together under the umbrella of a single coalition, America Votes. They meet together, plan together, divvy up turf, parcel out messages, coordinate their mailing and phone banking.

It’s about five days too soon to start asking this, but how can we keep these alliances going once we no longer have a common enemy?

UPDATE: It’s not too soon to place your bets on the efficacy of the newly synergistic left – The American Street is giving away Jon Stewart’s America: the Book to the lucky winner. My bet: Kerry, 284-253, with one smart-ass West Virginian for Dick Cheney.

(link via Kevin Drum)


  1. Yanes wrote:

    So Iowa will go blue?? No one in our lab has a clue about those farmers. alas, not one of the 12 scientists had a vote that ‘mattered.’ A buncha Texan Californian Wisconsian Yankees, with some Columbians and Russians and a Kiwi to mock our electoral college.

  2. yami wrote:

    I think/hope so. Hell, it went blue in the past three elections, and my sister wasn’t even of votin’ age then… Dems have the edge in new registrants, the numbers are still stacked slightly Repub but the situation is better now than it was for Gore. The thing about farmers is they’re not big on party loyalty.
    And Wisconsin votes matter this time!

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