Someone Moulders

Ah, yes, those spout box spouts, never so unenlightening as they have been in the past few months:

i like moerikankeys

Your preferences, sir, are obsolete. Please upgrade to ones that make some sense.


It’s like a jock strap, but for praying! And eating monkfish!


Den er go’ – and what about gummy monkfish, then?

Erm. That’s not quite the way I meant the word “gummy”. Can we think of a more appropriate context for this link?



That’s the canonical phallocontext, isn’t it? However I think a Norwegian atlas might be missing vital cultural detail. Perhaps one could subistute the foopball of one’s ethnic preference.

scallop shells

Pretty, but uncomfortable.

i love pigeons

Pretty, but disease-ridden.


  1. Anonymous wrote:

    i also like momariankeys

  2. yami wrote:

    Good for you!

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