Money in Four More Years

Now that we’re doomed to an eternity of wailing, gnashing our teeth, and hiding our degenerate sexualities from roving mobs of angry countryfolk, we should really be thinking about building our nest eggs for an eventual flight to Canada and/or hush payments for the vice squad. But how? Gold bullion? Stock in torch and pitchfork manufacturers? Gifts to Mexican people-smugglers?

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Ditched the small-cap portion of my 401K allocation in favor of increased foreign (the dollar is fucked) and socially responsible investments.
  • Invested $35 in a little plastic card from the ACLU.

I know you guys are not always numerous enough to sustain a long thread, but please consider this an open discussion on silly and/or appropriate financial responses to the election…


  1. Simon wrote:

    Pork pork pork! Breed pigs! In hard times, people always eat lots of pork.

  2. denisdekat wrote:

    I am trying to sell everything I have right now and invest long term in Euros. Here is why…
    US debpt is growing, so Bonds are more numerous. As the Goverment takes on more debt, their credit rating goes down, hence, more bonds. I am reading already about how it is not too easy to dump bonds right now…
    Another thing to consider is that economic booms will not be ours anymore. What do I mean? I work as a Sys Admin, and the first time I noticed this was when programmers from around the world suddenly found themselves succesfully selling to the whole world via the Internet. My favorite example is the folks from Cpanel Themes (now netenber or something). Greece in the old days would never have allowed him to go big. All he had to do is visit the correct forums, and sell over the internet and now he is doing well. So my theory is that if there is another great development like the internet, the automobile the boom will no longer occur here (US), instead it will happen world wide and US folks will get no favors…
    So Basically, the dollar is in trouble…
    This is one of the reasons I am seriously considering moving to Chile, while the dollar is still somewhat strong…
    Goverment debpt is only on the rise, they just dipped into 73 Billion of emergency funds for the war for just finishing off this year…

  3. yami wrote:

    Simon: I’ve got it covered! My family connections to pork are unbeatable – though to hear them tell it, pork is the thing that makes the least money ever, and the best thing to do is become a pork-growing consultant to China.
    Denisdekat: Yeah, that’s why I’m buying into the foreign assets fund – it’s not foreign-denominated but that’s a quibble. That, and my “wealth manager” advised me to do so anyway, as a standard part of optimal asset allocation in an aggressive portfolio.
    Now would definitely be the time to turn our fortunes in dollars into the ownership of a small South Pacific atoll (we missed the boat for buying houses in Cuba already). Unfortunately, my fortune is not yet ripe, sigh.

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