1. Billy Graham is doing his little routine at the Rose Bowl tonight – the second-largest event they were expecting this season, after the USC-UCLA game. He did it last night, too, and I drove home in second gear the whole damn way* behind a crowd of “Los Angeles Crusade” bumper stickers.**

    Didn’t Jesus say something about only praying within walking distance? Or at least carpools? I think Paul advised the Ephesians to carpool wearing modest bonnets.

  2. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has an e-voting petition – which may have somewhat less impact than a petition with verified signatures, but will certainly have considerably more impact than those stupid forwards where every tenth person sends it off to /dev/null, which is to say more impact than zero. Which is to say you should go sign it, you fellow FDRUSians.

* Actually it was fine until Glendora.
** My commute winds through the entire home district of the execrable David Dreier. Whee!

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