Extension of Radio Silence

Dear Snow: thank you for the blizzard in Indianapolis. It was exactly what I asked for. Next time, I’ll be more careful.

A thirty-six hour trip from LA, complete with lost luggage and bonus time spent sitting on tarmac; then a thirty-six hour flu. A brilliant lead in to profoundly rotten things, which are as unbloggable as profoundly rotten things always are.

I’m in a bitter place right now, but at least I got to go Christmas caroling in the snow. Life, as the TV in the airport lounge uniformly reminds me*, could be worse.

Regardless, I’m’a try an’ keep myself off the internets for another week or two.

* Not only could I have had loved ones ringing the Indian Ocean this Christmas, I could have a wide variety of maladies that can only be cured by expensive medication! I could be so unimaginative that I need to be told that it’s okay to shop during my layover! I could choose the wrong rental car company! God forbid I ever choose the wrong rental car company.


  1. des von bladet wrote:

    Take care, especially with choices of car rental company.

  2. snow wrote:

    Be careful what you ask for muahahahah!

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