Mmmm Rocket Fuel

Ah, perchlorate – an issue near and dear to my paycheck! I can’t comment on the toxicology… but once again I am reminded of just how silly it is to plumb with a single set of pipes. I don’t want to drink diluted rocket fuel, but I’m pretty confident that it won’t hurt me to pee into it, or wash my clothes with it. Ground water contamination is putting a pretty severe cramp on many communities’ available water supply, Pasadena included. Since imported water supplies are considerably less than infinitely plentiful, it would behoove us to start thinking about how to make full use of all the water we’ve got.

In other nerdy news, the Sumatran earthquake caused water to slosh around in wells in Virginia… and in Southern California. Of course our wells only fluctuated by an inch and a half, which isn’t nearly so spectacular as the fluctuations observed in Virginia (bedrock wells are wacky!) – and the project for which GeoMonkeyCo was monitoring the wells is so lawyer-ridden that we can’t release the actual data yet. But I have a superfabulous little set of graphs accumulating on my cubicle wall!

If anyone knows how and where to find seismograms from the Western US in an Excel-friendly format, that’d be swell (UPDATE: SCEC has ’em). I fiddled with the NEIC’s databot, but couldn’t swing the conversion code. My Fortran skillz are not l33t, CM6 compression 0wnz0rs my megahurtz! *sob*

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