Romanesco broccoli Mr. McMoots sent a link last week to a picture of fractal broccoli and now all of a sudden the stuff is everywhere. For definitions of “everywhere” limited to the Pasadena farmer’s market, the fridge until we ate it, and the Internet.

It’s not all that yummy; it’s really just normal broccoli tasting. But that’s not the point. The point is, this was obviously created by a fairly simple mutation in some broccoli floret regulator. So why haven’t they tracked it down and made fractal everything? Or at least all the possible varieties of fractal brassica?

I understand that it’s probably a pain in the ass to cross the trait into brussel sprouts the old-fashioned way, but if God didn’t make fractal-inducing development process cockups to be genetically engineered into super-durable funny-colored fractal supermarket produce, then what’s the point in theism?


  1. denisdekat wrote:

    This ios very cool, thanks for the picture

  2. E.T. wrote:

    Thanks, guys, I was just looking for some recipe as I just bought it in a Dutch supermarket. And though you can get a nice variety of vegetables there, I am still missing ordinary veggies I used to love to eat. I am always very enthusiastic to try something new. But you are just saying me that this lovely thing I should make like the broccoli (actually it is a broccoli, isn’t it?). Ok, I can make nice things of broccoli, if you do not have any better idea…

  3. yami wrote:

    Yes, it tastes and acts exactly like normal broccoli – though I’m sure you could also pretend it’s a cauliflower with ok results, too.

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