Roe v. Wade: Googlebombing Abortion

It’s unfortunate that the top Google result for Roe vs. Wade is a site full of anti-abortion propaganda. Following RadGeek’s suggestion, then, it’s time to start pointing out more appropriate sources of information about abortion.

This has been a public service announcement. Now, I need some more ripe-key-limeade – in what universe does it make sense to have limes turn yellow when they’re ripe? I demand that botany be rejiggered to look more like a cartoon.


  1. Madeline wrote:

    I am so relieved to read this blog. As I began to read the search results on google, I was astounded and appalled at what I saw. It’s unreal to know that even our cultural space on the internet is being encroached. And that is so blatantly propaganda from a very, very dangerous agenda. Limiting, not just women’ rights, but equal public access to information. AH! What a nightmare.

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