Gender Blogrolls Quick Post

There is yet another game of prominent liberal male bloggers asking themselves why they don’t link to more female bloggers being played at the moment. It’s approximately as fun as a game of Chutes and Ladders, which is to say, not very fun at all. (While we’re somewhat on the topic, I’d actually be very interested in a game of “where are all the earth science bloggers?” – but not today.)

However, all the cool kids have been analyzing their blogrolls lately, so: My blogroll – or actually, my list of public subscriptions on bloglines, not counting flickr photostreams or webcomics or open-enrollment group blogs like Metafilter or any of that crap – encompasses 28 men, 24 women, 6 male-dominated group blogs, and a whole bunch of people whose genders I can’t remember and/or am unable to figure out. Modulo group blogs, that’s 46% – fully consistent with a random sampling of an evenly split pool, so nyah.

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