So that work precluding good blogging thing? Expect it to continue through the end of the month. I’m not saying posts will be necessarily less numerous – I am, after all, picking up my shiny! new! laptop! this evening – but they will be crap, as I can’t properly incubate them when my job requires more than menial labor in Excel. Also, if I owe you an email, prepare for a slow response… but I swear I’ll write eventually!

Two questions for discussion:

  1. Names for shiny aluminum things? Robots in film and literature?
  2. Bestest OS X software evar?


  1. Rana wrote:

    Umm… Dorothea already claimed the Silver Surfer. The Terminator? Brillo? Beer Can?
    I like iTunes a lot, and also Preview and Grab. (What can I say? I’m all about the elegant practical.)
    Though the Skateboarding game is excellent fun.

  2. LDH wrote:

    For shiny aluminum names, I tend toward any of the following (including shortened versions, of course, of course):
    Bender Bending Rodriguez
    Crow T. Robot
    R. Daneel Olivaw
    R. Dorothy Wayneright
    Tom Servo
    …but maybe that’s just me…

  3. yami wrote:

    Oh I could name it Hat! And then name all its bits after different kinds of hats – all, by extension, tinfoil, natch.
    I like it

  4. yami wrote:

    whoops, jumped you LDH – I had also been thinking of Bender though.
    I think I can identify all the others, but who is Lal?

  5. ester wrote:

    yours is shiny aluminum? mine is shiny white. they should totally have a playdate.
    i’ve never named a mac before. i wonder what it will answer to.

  6. Rana wrote:

    Mine goes by “Beluga.”
    Before that were several uninteresting ones, but the very first was Tityvilous, after the patron demon of typographical errors. (And this was on a campus where all the servers were named after Hindu deities. Shiva, print my paper!)

  7. wolfangel wrote:

    I must be the only person in the world who doesn’t name any of her inanimate objects.

  8. yami wrote:

    Yebbut you have to name your computer or it just says [Your Name]’s Computer everywhere! Which is a dumb thing for it to say.

  9. Karen wrote:

    My favorite name for a computer was “Ahi”. The IT guy looked at me blankly, so I had to explain about the fabulous tuna they serve in Hawaii. Where I live in California, it goes _on_sale_ at $10 a pound. Sigh.

  10. brina wrote:

    name it Gort

  11. Rana wrote:

    wolfangel, I only name the ones I expect to be cajoling or arguing with at some point down the road: computers, cars, and camp stoves.

  12. des von bladet wrote:

    ‘Puters have to have names, surely? My old one was called Nutri-matic (my choice), then I went through Ocean and Maelstrom (not my choices) on the way to pc156 (which is not a free ‘puter, by any means).
    I think my laptop may still be called Thor, for which I disclaim any responsibility at all. Sysadmins, isn’t it?

  13. LDH wrote:

    Lal was Data’s ‘daughter’ on Star Trek: TNG — after I posted that, I reconsidered; the character ‘died’ the same episode she was introduced from a cascade failure in her positronic brain (so it probably wouldn’t be a good omen to name your device after her…)
    (…and if you’re very, very quiet, you can hear my Geek Score increasing like Tommy at the Pinball Wizard’s favorite machine…)

  14. tinypurpleelephant wrote:

    There’s Gort, the robot from Day the Earth stood still, the cylons, the Daleks, and Marvin the paranoid android.
    I’d favor an evil robot name, myself.

  15. brina wrote:

    see? two votes for Gort.

  16. denisdekat wrote:

    maybe you can do a micro Friday post about some granule or pebble then?

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