Friday Rock Blogging: Aplite Dike

aplite dike in dark granite

  1. Lovely, but mundane, mottled granodiorite forms.
  2. Equally lovely pale aplite (quartz+feldspar) muscles its way into a weak spot.
  3. Stripe!
  4. Broken stripe! Awesome!

Also, Joe has a Thursday Rock Blog up. (Update: also Kim!) The bandwagon, she lumbers along…


  1. Joe wrote:

    Thanks for the Shout out! your the first person to ever acknowledge my blog (except for my friend jay who wrote an email to all my friends called me a “jerk”).
    BTW…ain’t nothing like a cross cutting relationship between some dikes and some intrusives to make you imagine the outcrop’s geologic history…

  2. yami wrote:

    I’m fond of roadcuts with multiple diking events myself.

  3. denisdekat wrote:

    What causes the stripe?

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