Unpacking Someone

Finally, finally, finally I have a permanent room – at least for definitions of “permanent” of the kind I’m growing less and less satisfied with; it would be nice if someday “permanent” meant more than a mere pair of years at most. But! I get to unpack my stuff. And I have a fabulous new roommate, who has a fabulous blog. And we both have fabulous social lives, as you can tell from the Saturday night blogging.

Now. On with the fan mail.

This batch comes from the form on my 403 error page:


get lost u looser !

I need a picture of this medication for a school project

yeh i do hav a problem

why should i


Fuck You asshole!!

Hate mail! I’ve finally gotten real hatey hate mail! Apparently denying people their hotlinked duck pr0n is much more offensive than snarky, erratic political advocacy. Community standards, isn’t it?


  1. Sabine wrote:

    Duck porn! Hahahahaha, that’s even better than foot porn. Also, wierd. Those H8ters are just jelus.

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