The Devil Is In

  • Geology News is looking for guest bloggers
  • Wait a minute – I thought hipsters drank cheap, “ironic” domestic beer? Whatever happened to PBR?
  • If you look down to the right, you’ll notice that I’ve put up a couple of new themes, one of which is about pirates. However, it is not yet filtered into pirate-speech. I’d say that I’m workin’ on it (Talk Like a Pirate Day is only six days away!) but actually I’m just letting that project sit on the proverbial shelf.
  • I’ve started piling unrefined life byproducts on a livejournal. Posts there will fall into one of the following categories:
    1. Whiny and obnoxious
    2. Nonsensical to the layman
    3. From a distance looking like flies

    So attendance is strictly optional. But since some of you are stalking me with keen obsession, I thought you might like to know.

  • Speaking of stalking, I came back from group meeting yesterday to find four voicemail messages from a guy in Morocco, who thought my name was superfantastic (lit: superfan *mumble mumble*) and wanted to be my friend. Or something; my comprehension of mumbly French is not what it used to be. Attention, hommes du Maroc! Quand vous essayez de faire la connaissance d’une nouvelle amie sur l’Internet, ça serait plus gentile de parler nettement, ou bien, de trouver une vraie francophone! Et quand vous l’avez trouvée, il faut absolument la vouvoyer. I mean, really.


  1. Ximena wrote:

    Mais la jeunesse branchée d’aujourd’hui se tutoie, dontcha know?

  2. yami wrote:

    Pfft à la jeunesse!

  3. Banque wrote:

    C’est vrai que les mec d’aujourd’hui ne se tutoi plus ;-)

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