Ow My Fingertips

My mandolin calluses are still iffy, but I think I’ve officially moved from Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to Boil Them Cabbage Down. Which means I need a reliable source for the shittiest drum loops EVAR, preferably in a format that can be directly imported into GarageBand. Because what does the world need, if not abominably terrible mandolin playing poorly mixed with over-the-top cheesy beatbox beatz?

Answer: it needs a pedantic usage note. Callus: the hardened skin. Callous: uncaring. Just because they came from the same Latin root and mean more or less the same thing doesn’t mean they are the same word. One of ’em went through French first!


  1. Rex Ferric wrote:

    I could rig up some crappy MIDI drum tracks for you, but I’ve yet (in my self-taught neo-Ludditian slothitude) to catch up to contemporary semi-professional MP3 standards…

  2. Rex Ferric wrote:

    I can only get you as far as cheesy MIDI drum beats — you’d have to find someone more hip and up-to-date than meself to bring them up to contemporary semi-professional MP3 standards…

  3. Rex Ferric wrote:

    …aah, *there’s* where my comments went…

  4. yami wrote:

    And, incidentally, we’re not talking semi-professional here so much as Wesley Willis wannabe.

  5. chautauqua wrote:

    Hire a Bodhran player. They need the work.

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