The Wages of Procrastination

… is having to clean up after someone who vomited in the shower, because it’s your turn to clean the bathroom and you shoulda done it before the party.

Fabulously important update! The culprit was a housemate, not a guest, and even better, the type of person who doesn’t even need to be shamed into cleaning it up once the hangover is gone. Phew.

On a happier note, while I was double-checking the agrammaticalness of the post title I found some Appalachian death polka.


  1. Rex Ferric wrote:

    Wow, and I was embarrassed when my first college roommates discovered I’d post-party-vomited into the bathroom sink (which, as is the case with most such sinks, did not quite have a large enough drain for a simple cleanup…)

  2. Bitch | Lab wrote:

    eeeeewwwww. That made me remember having to clean up my girlfriend after she drank waaaay to much red wine. I was hauling her around while she was dead drunk, trying to get her into the half-tub that came with our hotel room.
    Glad it worked out ok, though!

  3. Bitch | Lab wrote:

    PS Totally OT, but love the spam comment display plugin. I like to make subtext poetry out of some of that stuff.

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