Images to Amend the Constitution By

I’d like to send a hearty “fuck you” to Dianne Feinstein, whose views on the acceptable bounds of free speech were formed with all the careful consideration and sound judgment you’d expect from a middle school student:

For me–at that time as a 12-year-old–and for the Nation, the photo [this one, of troops raising the flag on Iwo Jima] was a bolt of electricity that boosted morale amidst the brutal suffering of the Pacific campaign.

This photo cemented my views of the flag for all time.

Well. If we’re going to amend the Constitution – or even waste time in the Senate talking about amending the Constitution – on the basis of emotionally significant photographs, I propose that we use the following:

Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother 9 year old Kim Phuc runs from her napalmed village A woman lies dead in the road after Hurricane Katrina A hooded prisoner forced to stand on a box, under threat of electrocution


  1. Lala wrote:

    i know this is not the place to ask, but where is the picture of the swimmer statue from copenhagen?

    google gives me this link: 08/14/travelogue-days-13-18/

    but its not there!


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