Well I Never

You mean bias against women in science is the product of deep-rooted misogyny going back for millennia, and there are no quick fixes? Gasp!

Say it ain’t so, Margaret Wertheim! Say it ain’t so!


  1. ximena wrote:

    Hahaha I thought that was a good one, and I thought of you when I read it. You go girl, subvert that dominant paradigm!

  2. Lab Lemming wrote:

    Oh, come on, Yami. If women stopped repeating the list of past wrongs with ever more tedious embellishments, then they might start thinking about ways to fix it. Can’t have that, can we?

  3. Melissa Barton wrote:

    Eh, well, Wertheim is a science historian. Repeating a list of past wrongs is what she does.

    Someday I should get around to reading that book.

  4. yami wrote:

    Analogously, I’m a blogger, and tossing out snarky one-line responses is what I do ;)

  5. Melissa Barton wrote:

    Oh, I liked your snarky one-line response. It is a skill I envy.

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