Monday AGU Accomplishment Checklist

  • Spill some coffee on my badge, to project that professionally absent-minded coffee-ridden image – SUCCESS!
  • Get this year’s supply of post-its and novelty pens from the swag booths – FAILURE! The swag booths don’t open until tomorrow. Silly swag distributors, don’t they realize that my best contiguous downtime for swag-collecting was today?
  • Have a slightly awkward, stilted conversation with the guy with the totally opposite theory from mine – SUCCESS!
  • Have beer and tapas with fellow geobloggers – NO PIX, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. Seriously, I think we may have violated the very physics of the blogosphere by having a bloggers’ meetup with absolutely no digital cameras present. If you find that your blog posts start to grow unstable, lacking any remaining reason or coherent narrative structure, uh, well, we’re sorry.

Also, one of my group-mates proposed that there are five permissible emotions at AGU:

  • Nervous
  • Excited
  • Overwhelmed
  • Preening
  • Jaded

This probably applies to any large professional conference. I am firmly stuck in “nervous” until my talk is over.


  1. ScienceWoman wrote:

    Good luck on your talk.

    Of course the booths don’t open on Monday – they also shut early on Friday, when you are stuck waiting for a must-hear 4:30 pm talk.

  2. Andrew Alden wrote:

    Everybody, she did great. Not that I saw her speak (though I should have), but I was eating in the press room when she came in with the hot BBC radio producer and the hot Michael Manga. She seemed a bit dazzled at the world’s interest in mud volcanoes. She needs to visit some real mud volcanoes.

  3. yami wrote:

    I think I was also a bit high from finally being done with my talk. I hope they edit me down into something coherent.

  4. Lab Lemming wrote:

    Bloggy get-togethers don’t require beer goggley pictures- for example:

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