Lusi Lecture

I vaguely knew that the U.S. Geological Survey’s Menlo Park office runs a series of public lectures, but I didn’t realize they were all videotaped and archived online for my blogging convenience. Ace! Now we just need to chop them up into bits and put them on YouTube.

Anyway, Thursday night’s lecture was about the ongoing eruption of the Lusi mud volcano in Indonesia (which Chris has covered in the past). You can watch it here. It’s a little long, but quite suitable to put on as background material for your weekend housecleaning. The good science bits start about 15 minutes in.

Now, I’ve got a dog in the science debate here, where by “dog” I mean a paper currently in review. So I’ll keep my science commentary to a minimum, and simply say that this is the best introduction to the political situation I’ve seen yet.

(Hat tip: SH)

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