Delicious Internet Noms

I finally fixed up a semi-automatic link-posting script that fits my needs – if you’re interested in the gory details, or using the script yourself, see my post on the B-Sides. Enjoy all the backlogged links!

  • Call for Submissions: Carnival of the AridSubmissions should have something to do with a desert somewhere in the world. … scientific in nature, or history, or travelog. Images are welcome, photographic or otherwise. Discussions of culture and politics are welcome if they’re desert-related. The one restriction, other than geographical, is that — at least when I’m compiling it — paeans to destroying the desert probably won’t make it.
  • Lee Byron » Else » Stream Graph Paper — Algorithms for producing pretty stacked graphs on a timeline
  • Earth Impact Effects — Apocalypse porn. Put in some meteorite impact parameters and see just how thoroughly you would be obliterated.



  1. Cannonball Jones wrote:

    Nice list, I’m going to freak my flatmates out tonight by spending several hours in quiet contemplation of the humble potato…

    Having fun with the impact calculator too :-)

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