I love socks. They’re one of the most fun articles of clothing still in common use (the codpiece would have given them a run for their money, though). If you’re wearing something informal enough to require socks (and these so-called “trouser socks” are the same thing as pantyhose, to my mind, so they don’t count – no heft to them at all) then no one will question your judgement if your socks don’t match your pants. This gives you plenty of leeway to wear socks with colors and patterns that would be absurd on a larger piece of fabric. What’s even better is to wear two mismatching socks, giving you twice as much space to play with even though you have to mess with people trying to tell you your socks don’t match. Duh.

So I bought four new pairs of nice patterned socks today, on clearance. My feet are happy just thinking about it.

Also, I suddenly feel compelled to justify my use of Verdana on this site. I think it’s trendy for a reason, really, though I tried initially to avoid it. It’s just that Tahoma looks terrible in large point, and Lucida Console is well-nigh illegible at the small sizes I need if I wanna be really pretentious. And, well, I’m just a one-font kinda gal, ya know?

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  1. Panties Ready for Bunching on 30 Nov 2007 at 12:53 am

    […] The mere thought of such a post brings me to staggering heights of flabbergasted outrage. As I noted early on, socks are the most wonderfully fun pieces of clothing ever – or at least since codpieces and hats […]

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